June 1, 2018

    Kissing Tips

    By / June 1, 2018

    Kissing can be that romantic moment that can make the two of you feel hot and turned on before sex. A good kiss provides moments that are hard for either of you to forget. But if it is the first time the two of you are kissing, you may find the events leading to kissing quite daunting, and at times embarrassing. However, whether you are a pro kisser or novice, here are a few tips to have a satisfying kissing experience.

    1. Show her/him that you’re ready to kiss

    There are several ways you can communicate to her/him that you are prepared to kiss. One way to do this is by using your eyes. Send a kissing signal by looking into his/her eyes, then his/her lips, and back to his/her eyes to show that you’re ready for a kiss.

    2. Establish intimacy and show your affection towards him/her by sitting really close to them.

    If you see the nervousness in your partner, but you think it’s the right time to kiss her/him, you can catch him/her off-guard by pleasantly giving her/him a surprise kiss. This action may provide the two of you an edge to start enjoying your exchange of sweet kisses.

    3. Kick-start the kissing by flirting with him/her

    Women enjoy getting a gentle touch on their bodies. As such, by holding her hand and gently touching it while telling her sweet words can provide the best mood for kissing. Remember, touching your female partner can act as the barrier breaker and lead to the first kiss and then possibly more intimate time together.

    4. Maintain eye contact before getting your first kiss

    Great eye contact tells your partner that you’re confident and ready to make them happy. Therefore, by maintaining eye contact, you pull her/him into grabbing that kiss. Ensure your partner gets to understand your intention and buys into it.

    5. Try reading her body language that he/she will return your kiss

    When you take time to understand your partner’s body language, you will know if he/she will be happy to share a kiss with you. Avoid jumping into someone for a kiss when they aren’t actually interested in you. A partner that wants will most likely return a kiss will stare at your lips a lot, she/he initiates kissing talks, he/she pauses a lot expecting a kiss, and so on. Look out for these signs as they’ll give you a clue that he/she will return your kisses. You will enjoy intimate kissing sessions when your partner enjoys it too.

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